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Ambient Water – The Ultimate Aquarium

Dancing Butterflies – In the Wild Video Production, LLC

CDs & DVDs for people with dementia are great resources to help anyone with cognitive loss or memory impairment. They engage the individual with dementia by sparking memories through music, conversation and visual stimulation. DVDs can promote communication between caregivers and patients, help to reduce stress & promote relaxation and provide an aid to help with reminiscence therapy.

Reminiscence therapy" - using prompts, such as photos, music or familiar items from the past, to encourage the patient to talk about earlier memories and generally offered to people in their later years with mood or memory problems, or those needing help dealing with the difficulties that come along with aging.

People with dementia often have difficulty remembering what’s recently happened in their lives. This can leave them feeling confused, vulnerable and less confident. However, their memories from years ago often remain detailed and intact. This can boost their self-esteem and help them make a valuable connection between the past and the present. It can also help them resolve and make sense of an event that’s happened in their past.

The Magnificent Birds DVD is about 45 minutes of birds in their natural habitat, whether it be deserts, snow covered mountains, wetlands, or prairies. The beautiful scenery is just a part of the beauty of this DVD. All the birds that are flying, feeding or swimming are wonderful to watch. The ducks, herons, swans, geese, and flamingos around the waterways are relaxing to watch. The hawks, bald eagles, cardinals, and hummingbirds are enjoyable to watch fly around. There are even a few scenes with an owl and penguins! You can get up close and personal with these birds and hear their cries in the background as relaxing music plays.

Dancing Butterflies was filmed at the Butterfly House in Whitehouse, OH. You can see the butterflies close up against the beautiful flowers and greenery. You will see Monarchs, Swallowtails and a lot of butterflies that I have never seen before. Six classical music pieces play throughout the 22-minute video.

Ambient Water is a video that has eleven different scenes to choose from. Most scenes are of different aquariums with different fish swimming around. There are two scenes that are of the ocean floor and the different types of marine life. The Bonus footage is more landscape of waters – ocean waves over rocks, rain drops, flowing water and a sunset over the ocean.

With this DVD, you can choose the sounds for any and all scenes – Coral Reef Sounds, Saltwater Tank Sounds, Freshwater Tank Sounds and Music. The music is easy listening and very relaxing. The scenes range in length from 10 to 30 minutes each.

If you have a loved one that would enjoy any of these DVDs, please check them out at one of our Forget-Me-Not Resource Centers!

This resource is available at the Effingham Public Library, Flora Public Library, Evans Public Library, Newton Public Library, Greenup Township Public Library, Shelbyville Public Library and the Mattoon Public Library in the Forget-Me-Not Resource Center. If you do not have a library card, ask at the main desk how you can check it out.

Shannon Nosbisch, C.D.P., is co-founder of Effingham Area Alzheimer’s Awareness

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