Soyland Access to Independent Living, SAIL, will hold a Personal Assistant Orientation for people interested in working as a Personal Assistant on Tuesday, Sept. 24 beginning at 1 p.m. at the Elizabeth Titus Library, 2 West Water Street in Sullivan.

Personal Assistants are employed by people with disabilities to perform household chores and personal care tasks in their homes and are paid by the State of Illinois through the Department of Rehabilitation Program.

No reservation is needed to attend the Personal Assistant Orientation, but participants must arrive by 1 p.m., bring their driver’s license or state ID, Social Security card and be prepared to fill out an application with references.

SAIL is a fragrance-free facility and those wearing fragrances will not be allowed to attend the orientation.

For more information about the Personal Assistant Orientation or becoming a Personal Assistant, contact Emily Dobson at 876-8888 or 800-358-8080 or Betty Watkins at 774-4322.

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