A somewhat routine Shelbyville City Council meeting on Monday night featured a review for the Shelbyville Family Aquatic Center and a design for a Pump Track at Forest Park.

After the obligatories, some council organizational business, and routine requests, the council shined the lights on the center stage.

Noel Bolinger, who was park commissioner during the building of the aquatic center, rose and addressed the council concerning a study to make recommendations for additions to the aquatic center, items 10 and 11.

"Burbach Aquatics, who designed the pool, recommended that we have updates every 5-10 years," Bolinger said. "It has been 15 years."

Those involved with the pool are wanting a resolution of support from the city for Burbach to conduct a study of those updates and to make a recommendation.

"A splash pad is one thing were looking at," Bolinger said. "it is not as expensive as some updates. We are also looking at a lazy river. There is a $2500 fee for them to do a review and to bring proposals."

"The Shelbyville Area Community Foundation would raise the $100-$150,000 for the Splash Pad," Bolinger said. "If it would be anymore than that we would need city help."

The Shelbyville Area Community Foundation was formed in 2003 and was instrumental in the building of the aquatic center. Its mission is to "enhance the quality of life in the Shelbyville Area" through recreation, sports, leisure and athletics.

Bolinger reported that the bonds for the pool have been paid off.

"The lazy river would be over a million dollars," Bolinger said. "While they (Burbach) are here we will have them look at all options. Like everything else, the weather has effected operations of a lot of businesses. We'd like to have this study done by December or january and know what we want to do."

Commissioner Martha Firnhaber asked about other options besides a splash pad or a lazy river.

'We could have another slide or a lap pool or mini-golf feature," Bolinger said. "Other options like a pool would cost more. They will bring some other ideas up. We want to add things that will keep attendance up."

Commissioner mark Shanks asked Bolinger what needs to be done.

"We need a form to enter into an agreement of support." Bolinger said.

Mayor Johnson said then they would need to appoint a committee. Shanks made the motion for a resolution of support and it passed unanimously, 4-0. Talk turned to forming a committee. Those suggested for the Shelnbyville family Aquatic Center Improvement Committee (through phase 1 Step 2) were: Walter Lookofsky, Katie Moll, Mary Bolinger, Gib Smart, Bill Shoaff, Julia Bolinger, Bob Main, Mark Shanks, Noel Bolinger. A motion was made to accept the committee and it passed unanimously.

Act 2 center stage was item 12, the Pump Track at Forest Park

A pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders "pumping"—generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedaling or pushing. It was originally designed for the mountain bike and BMX scene, and now, due to concrete constructions, is also used by skateboard and scooter riders, and accessible to wheelchairs. Pump tracks are relatively simple to use and cheap to construct, and cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels. - Wikipedia

Jerry Yockey, Chairman of the General Dacey Trail, stood in the well concerning a proposed pump track at Forest Park, and talked about the 19 years of working together for the General Dacey Trail "as a successful model."

"When someone is looking to do a project like this, they come to talk to us," Yockey said. "It is a success story."

He cited activities like the Candlelight Walk, the Lake Loop Ride, the Bike Trail, the Tom Short 5k, the DIRTWORX Mountain Bike Festival and the Dacey Trail Concert Series, as part of that success story. He cited the original plan from 2003 is nearing completion and part of that is the trail being worked on from Hickory Street out to Walmart.

"The plan in 2003 was a road map for what we did," Yockey said. "We need a new plan for the future. Joey Cline has a vision or re-routing some trails, creating new trails, and acquiring a brush cutter. One thing was to build a pump track at Coon Creek Campground with the help of the Corps of Engineers."

Phil Manhart, from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Shelbyville, was called on by Yockey for a testimony to the Coon Creek track.

"This was a huge hit at Coon Creek," Manhart said. " Kids were standing around watching us complete it. As soon as we finished and left, they were on it."

Yockey said that Pump Tracks USA came to Shelbyville. He showed the council where they recommend the pump track be built. There is a grass area from the Dacey Trail parking lot to the Men's Softball Diamond.

"They came up with a plan that has a "tot" track for younger riders by the shelter and the parents could sit there and watch them," Yockey said. "They pump track would be the more difficult skills course. It would be all asphalt paved and have pre-fab riding features. There would be crushed gravel between the sections. The goal is then to get them out on the mountain bike trails."

Yockey said that Pump Tracks USA could build it and they might be here by the end of the summer, with the weather being an issue this year.

"The Trail Committee would give $100,000 for this," Yockey said. "The Corps may be in on it. There is no bottom line yet or numbers to talk about today."

Commissioner Shanks commented that more and more people are coming to Shelbyville with their bikes from further and further away.

"The Corps needs a letter of support from the city for the concept," Shanks said.

"The Corps is ready for helping 20% of the costs," Manhart said.

"We see this as a family activity at the park," Yockey said. "Along with the pool and baseball this is another addition."

"You have done great on the trail and you have our complete confidence," said Mayor Johnson.

Commissioner Firnhaber asked about insurance for the track. Commissioner Shanks said they are waiting to her on that and should have the information by the next meeting. Discussion ended with action expected to be taken on the city's support for the concept of the pump track at the next meeting.

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