It was a big uptick in the number of fish caught by the Illini Team Trail Tour at Lake Shelbyville in just 2 weeks.

On May 19, only 87 fish were caught by 42 teams. On June 2, 139 fish were caught by 41 teams. The average weight per fish was about the same, 2.40 on May 19 and 2.32 on June 2. However, the average weight per team almost was up 60%, because they caught more fish. The teams had an average weight of 4.86 pounds in May, but had an average weight of 7.68 in June.

In May, only 5 teams weighed the limit of 5 fish. Two weeks later, 17 teams weighed in the limit. In May, each team caught 2.07 fish. In June, they caught 3.39 fish. That extra fish per team added up to more than a 50% increase in two weeks.

Donnie Dill was back with his partner, Juice Wright, and they won the day. They weighed 5 fish at 15.53 pounds. Ed Wasylenko and Ed Wasylenko, Jr. weighed 5 fish at 15.21 pounds for runner-up. Shane Haslett and Jacob Hartke weighed 5 fish at 13.62 pounds for 3rd place.

The Big Bass tipped the scales at 6.22 pounds and boosted the team that caught it. Michael Templeton and Cary Simpson only weighed 2 fish, but finished in 8th place among 15 of the top teams who all weighed 5 fish. Their two fish weighed 11.73 pounds (6.22 and 5.51). They had the Big Bass and the 4th biggest.

Ryan Nave and Justin Nave weighed just 3 fish, but had the second biggest at 5.99 pounds. Haslett and Hartke had the third biggest bass at 5.68 pounds.

Mike McGill of Findlay and Tony Alwardt finished 12th and weighed in 5 fish at 10.44 pounds. They weighed just 2 fish in the first Lake Shelbyville event. Greg Harkins (Shelbyville) and Jack Montgomery weighed the limit of 5 fish and placed in 20th (8.41 lbs). They only weighed 1 fish two weeks earlier.

Last year's Classic winners, Greg Coleman and Travis Gillett had a sub for Gillett in this event, Mark Carlock. Coleman and Carlock weighed 5 fish this time at 10.04 pounds to place 14th. They also caught just 1 fish two weeks ago.

The Year-to-Date Point Standings in the Illini Trail show Bill Walker and Jo Jo Johnson in 1st with 442 points. They have fished all 5 events and have a weight of 52.17 pounds for 17 fish. Anthony Balding and Anthony Balding, Jr. are in 2nd with 422 points. They have fished all 5 events and have weighed 16 fish at 45.02 pounds.

Haslett and Hartke are in 3rd with 390 points. They have fished all 5 events and have weighed 15 fish at 38.11 pounds. Dennis Robbins and Addison Eggertsen are in 4th with 369 points. They have fished 4 events and weighed 17 fish (47.52 lbs).

Founders and former owners of Illini Team Trail Mike and Penny Black are in 5th place with 358 points. They have fished 5 events and weighed in 12 fish at 35.92 pounds.

The Big Bass of the tour to-date was caught by Dan Shoraga (Mike Kinkade) and Dave Dobill (12th place), tipping the scales at 7.47 pounds. It was caught the first tourney of the year at Lake of Egypt and was half the winning team's weight.

The second biggest is 6.73 pounds caught by JT Russell and Brock Wilke (7th place). It was caught on May 5 at Lake of Egypt. The 3rd biggest is 6.22 pounds caught by Templeton and Cary Simpson (Noah Wiggle) in 73rd place. It was caught at Lake Shelbyville on June 2.

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