Board OKs repairs to washed-out structures

A drainage structure near Windsor at 1600N and 2700E is to be replaced. The Shelby County Board approved the petition and four more around the county on Wednesday.

Recent rains did some damage throughout Shelby County to infrastructure, which is why the biggest item on the agenda at the Shelby County Board Meeting on Wednesday was roads and bridges.

Shelby County Engineer Alan Spesard had several petitions and some updates on county road construction. He offered five petitions, a resolution, an agreement, and an update.

The first petition he mentioned was to replace a drainage structure in Windsor Township, 2 miles northwest of Windsor. It will cost $11,000 and would be shared 50/50 with the township and the county. The board unanimously approved the petition.

The second petition was to replace a structure in Herrick Township, 2 1/2 miles northwest of Herrick. Spesard said it was a washout due to the rains. It will cost $2,000 and would be shared 50/50 by the township and the county. That petition was also approved unanimously.

The third petition was from Tower Hill to replace a drainage structure.

"We're kind of sensing a theme here," Spesard said. "There was a lot of rain and replacements."

The petition was to replace a pipe 3 miles southeast of Tower Hill at $4,000, also a 50/50 cost share. It was approved unanimously.

The fourth petition was to replace a drainage structure in Dry Point Township 2 miles southwest of Cowden, costing $2,000 at 50/50 cost sharing. It was unanimously approved.

The final petition was for drainage structure in Pickaway Township. That would replace a pipe 4 miles northwest of Findlay at a cost of $4,000. The township and the county will share the cost 50/50. The petition was approved unanimously.

Spesard turned to a bridge replacement on the township line between Ash Grove and Big Springs townships.

"It's time to build," Spesard said. "It will be let out for bid by the state on Aug. 2. We need a joint agreement approved with IDOT and the county."

Cost for the project is $518,750 and will be funded 80 percent by federal, 16 percent by state and the other 4 percent split between the county and the townships. The agreement was approved unanimously.

The board then approved a resolution to provide the county's part of the matching funds, 2 percent.

Spesard updated the board on a bridge project near Windsor. The bridge is north of Windsor and the project is set for bid on June 14. He said he would report on that bid next month and the work will get started.

Spesard also reported on patching work on the Cowden-Herrick Road. The work is supported by IDOT and is expected to be bid in a month, or Spesard said he will report when it is expected to be bid.

In other business:

• A vacancy was announced in the Shelby County Board of Review District 1 due to the resignation of Brenda Brooks.

• A resolution was approved establishing civil fees and criminal and traffic assessments to be charged by the circuit clerk.

• Re-certification of a resolution for elected officials to participate in IMRF was approved.

• Approval was given for law enforcement committee to declare 11 Polaroid cameras, 10 mobile witness car cameras and accessories as surplus equipment and allow for disposal.

• The following appointments were approved: Dr. Urbano Dauz, Greg Miller and Rosie Shuck to the County Health Board; Bruce Steinke to the Planning Commission; Jim Hampton to Zoning Board of Appeals; Jeff Green and Steve Wempen to the Airport Commission; Ken Fry, Greg Miller, Sandy Steinke, Nancy Cruitt, and Mark Shanks to the Tourism Board; Jesse Durbin to the resource and Conservation Board (to replace Rob Amling) and to the Solid Waste Board; Bruce Cannon to the Housing Authority (to replace Rob Amling); Denny Drnejevic to the Solid waste Board.

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