Friday night was a trip down memory lane for Shelbyville fans, as the State Championship team of 1996 paid a visit between games at the Shelbyville Shoot-out.

Gary Crowder introduced the members of the Dream Team to massive roars from the standing audience. Ten years later some changes had taken place. Of course, the players were a little older and came with their wives and children, with the newborns sporting t-shirts bearing their daddys’ jersey number. But it was still them, and to the crowd they were unchanged.

On Saturday, there was no parking to be had at Shelbyville High School. Cars were parked as far as Moulton and some had simply invented parking spaces where none existed. Inside, the gym was jam-packed to the ceiling, as the State Championship team, including players from the Elite 8 Team of 1990, took on The All-Stars, consisting of players from the Findlay Championship team and other area basketball standouts. Shelbyville High School principal, Kevin Ross also took to the court for the All-Stars, to the delight of the fans.

It was a great show. The guys showed they still had it and when they didn’t, they had a good joke about it. It was still a physical game, since players who have performed at that level do not consider ten years a major factor. The moves, the dunks, the passes were all still there. Cheers echoed off the ceiling whenever a goal was hit, no matter who hit it.

This was basketball as it should be played. To have been around to see these players go toe-to-toe was the equivalent of the super bowl of basketball in Shelbyville. The concentration of talent contained in a single high school gymnasium left you with the feeling you had walked among giants..local legends who came back to the court to relive the glory of a season to remember.

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