Chuck Hubbartt

Master Sergeant Chuck Hubbartt will be celebrated at his 90th birthday party on Sunday, Sept. 29 at the Shelbyville VFW from 2-4 p.m.

U.S. Army Master Sergeant Chuck Hubbartt will be celebrated during his 90th birthday party at the Shelbyville VFW Hall on Sunday from 2-4 p.m.

Hubbartt’s three daughters are planning the party and are looking for it to be a festive occasion.

“Please join us family and friends celebrate Chuck Hubbartt’s 90th birthday,” the Hubbartts say.

Master Sergeant Hubbartt enlisted in 1948 and retired after 20 years. He served in the infantry, including two tours in Germany and two tours in Korea. After retiring 1968, Hubbartt then served as the instructor for the Junior ROTC in Waukegan for 15 years and in Mattoon for 10 years.

He led the JROTC Rifle Team to two consecutive state championships at Waukegan and they were heralded as the #1 Rifle Team in the Nation.

Hubbartt was born in Stewardson on October 1, 1929 and lived in rural Mode. He attended Stew-Stras Schools and left school early to work, then joined the service.

During his tours in Germany, he was part of the Constabulary, keeping peace after World War II along the German and Czechoslovakia border.

He once was led by a 2nd Lieutenant, who wandered across the border, and they spent a night captured by the Russians, before being released back across the border.

Chuck married Norma Jean Prosser on July 2nd 1950, in-between tours, just prior to war breaking out in Korea. They had three daughters, Cheryl Schrock of Shelbyville, Deborah Hoem of Grayslake, IL, and Cynthia Haney of Ohio.

They have two grandchildren, including Adam and Jennifer Schrock of Shelbyville and two great-grandchildren of Shelbyville, Carter and Tori Schrock.

The Hubbartt’s moved to Shelbyville after he left Waukegan to be the JROTC instructor in Mattoon. He has been a service officer for the local VFW and served as Commander of the Shelby County Honor Guard for years.

He painted and wall-papered houses in Shelbyville and was a school bus driver and a crossing guard for the Shelbyville School District. Hubbartt’s are members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Shelbyville.

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