County Market shut its doors Saturday

County Market is closed. photo Kennedy Nolen

County Market in Shelbyville closed its doors at 5 p.m. on Saturday after several years of operation.

Gerry Kettler, Director of Consumer Affairs for Neimann Foods, Inc., said the store became difficult to operate and the company did not renew the lease.

Kettler said the whole retail environment is changing.

Current employees are not being offered any other job opportunities, despite a corporate spokeman stating opportunities would be available.

A long-time employee who wished to remain anonymous said there has been no effort in helping employees find other openings elsewhere.

After over a decade with the company, "I thought they were pretty well-invested in me, but I guess not," the employee said. "I just wanted insurance for my children, and that's not in the cards."

A post from the Shelbyville County Market Facebook page reads, "I want to publicly say that it has been an honor to serve this community. I have been at this location, personally, for the last seven years and I have had the privilege to work alongside an exceptional group of people. We've all been privileged to serve Shelbyville and the surrounding communities."

The post later says, "I ask that you don't remember of us in terms of dollars and cents. Think of the cashier that made you feel better when you needed it. Think of Steve, racing out to your car to make sure you get your groceries safely. Think of that fried chicken that hit the spot when you were too tired after a hard day's work to cook. Think of us as friends."

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