June 4, 2020 Special Board Meeting 7:00 p.m. Cowden Board Room

1 Call to order / roll call

2 Approval of current board bills (V)

3 Public comment

4 Consider a motion to approve bids for the following: (V)

A. Parking stripes at Cowden Jr/Sr. High School

B. Mapes panel replacement at Cowden Jr./Sr. High School

C. Window AC units at Herrick Elementary School

D. Floor replacement at Herrick Elementary School

E. Painting Herrick Elementary School

5 Closed Session

A. Discuss Appointments, Employment, Compensation, Benefits, Discipline, Performance, Negotiations, Administrators’ Contracts or Dismissal of Personnel

6 Act on closed session

A. Consider a motion to hire K-12 PE/Health teacher contingent upon successfully completing all employment requirements (V)

7 Adjourn Meeting

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