Dan Modzelewski

Dan Modzelewski

Dan Modzelewski, is a person known around Shelbyville for his art. From painted figures in public sites and the more recent garden setting on the concrete wall down Brewster Hill leading west out of Shelbyville on Route 16, Dan has long had his work visible in the area since coming to Shelbyville. After retiring as an art teacher in Downers Grove, he and his wife, Cheryl, built a home and both have been active with their passions.

Staying very close to home during this pandemic, Dan continues to take time to create. Often doing so with different media and subject matter, he produces a body of work that all relates to each other. He explains his recent ones.

“My latest work is one of a series of birds of prey. I chose this subject because it allows me to experiment with a new technique. This technique will provide subtle changes in color and texture with a loose and painterly application and give the piece a contemporary look.

"I started with a simple sketch without much detail and then proceeded to apply dark opaque watercolors to the subject. When dry, I applied thin coats of light colored acrylics and finished with white highlights.

"I am pleased with the results and will continue to experiment with this process. I plan on exhibiting Bird of Prey #3 at next year’s Shelby County Art Show…God willing!”

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