"The Graduates," Kagan Bradbury and Taylor Hendrian, recently celebrated their commencement ceremony at Shelbyville High School, and now they have their own art show at Flourishes Gallery and Studios in downtown Shelbyville.

Bradbury and Hendrian were commended by their SHS art teacher, Caleb Mathis, and voila! Their show opened on Sunday, May 26 and will run until on August 10. Each has a number of two-dimensional works displayed in the Beaux Arts Ballroom.

"What is great is that they have diversity," said Flourishes owner and artist Carol Kessler. "They do not use just one medium. They used acrylics, and charcoal and pencil and a print, and a stencil cut out on paper. They do pretty well on a multitude of mediums."

Mr. Mathis thought the body of their work was interesting to display.

"They were my Art 4 senior students and they had built up a portfolio significantly worthy of an art show of its own," Mathis said. "Kagan had a lot of art dealing with a current social topic and Taylor dealt with personal places, homes where she lived or knew of and memories. I thought both concepts, the personal and the social was interesting for a show."

Bradbury included several pieces with a theme of a woman's body being "Not your business," as well as screen printing and hand-painted shirts with the same theme. She used a World War II painting of a female factory worker on canvass in a variety of bright colors with a bra in her hand with the caption, "This is not consent!"

Kessler cited the print by Bradbury, as a nice clean print, and appreciated an accurate depiction of Bradbury in a charcoal self-portrait.

"She makes a statement, borrowing from the World War II imagery."

Hendrian included charcoal drawings and paintings of homes, as well as a stencil of a home hand-cut with an exacto knife against a multi colored pastel background.

"I work with the Rembrandt Society and I get to do some judging," Kessler said. "One of the criteria is if they are proficient in a number of media. They have done well."

Flourishes Gallery and Studios is usually open each Tuesday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Thursday and Saturday mornings from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. As there will be occasions when these hours cannot be honored, please call first or to set up an appointment 217-827-5690.

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