The Shelbyville Schools Teachers’ Institute on October 18, utilized an EdCamp Model for the pre-K to high school TEAM collaboration.

Teachers were surveyed on topics of interest and then chose their Top 3 to create a schedule of options. The ones with the most teacher interest were discussed and they learned together.

Main Street School’s own, Mrs. Kate Harkins shared with her Shelbyville colleagues regarding “Whole-Brain Teaching!”

”We know so much about neuroscience and the areas of the brain and processing input,” said Main Street Principal Ryan Scott. “This strategy is confirmed by research to increase retention of information and student engagement.”

How would Scott describe the process?

”I would describe it as “chunking” information and sending via multiple processing mediums (auditory, kinesthetic, etc...) to combine direct instruction with classroom management. It is a very cool story with our school district!”

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