Good Shepherd Hospital gave Brandy Stivers her life back

Brandy Stivers

SHELBYVILLE – In December 2019, 44-year-old Brandy Stivers of Findlay, went to her local doctor’s office not feeling well. The doctor’s office did an EKG, but it showed no signs of heart issues.

The nurse practitioner told her that if she started having symptoms again to go to the emergency room. The next morning, Brandy starting having chest pains, pain in her shoulder blades and trouble breathing.

She took the advice of her nurse practitioner and had her husband drive her to the Emergency Department at HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital. As soon as she arrived at Good Shepherd, an EKG was done and this one showed she was having a massive heart attack.

She was immediately flown by helicopter to HSHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield.

A team was waiting for her to arrive and took her immediately to the heart catheterization lab. She was then rushed to emergency open heart surgery and the surgeons performed a triple bypass.

She was at St. John’s for a month due to complications after surgery, but she believes the caregivers at Good Shepherd and St. John’s both played integral roles in saving her life.

Once she returned home, she received care through Good Shepherd Home Health. When she was released to start cardiac therapy, she chose to complete her cardiac rehabilitation at Good Shepherd.

“If I could say thank you a million times I would. There’s no need to drive any further than Shelbyville,” said Stivers. “I feel like I got my life back.”

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