Main Street “Grandparents’ Day” 2019 was a huge success,” said Principal Ryan Scott. “We had great participation and I believe our grandparents and students enjoyed the experience. I received positive feedback on the event and the way our students represented themselves and our school.”According to Scott, grandparents rotated through “stations” with their grandchild. They went to the classrooms and met the teacher and saw examples of student work. Students went to the Library for the Book Fair organized by Mrs. Jackie Rodman and had a chance to read with their grandparents. The kids and grandparents went to the gym to share a snack and just talk, where their grandchild eats lunch everyday. Students also showcased art projects with Ms. Bridgette Cole with the theme: “Ocean Adventure.”The finale was a music performance with Mrs. Emily Miller-Amato, called ”History of Reverse.”

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