Next week, Shelbyville’s youngest students will learn some important lessons from the American Cancer Society that will protect them this summer, as well as treat them to a fun day.

Schryll Bernson, a committee member for Relay For Life of Shelby County, was the mastermind of this project.

Bernson said that she was looking for a way to involve the students at the Kindergarten Center and Main Street School in Relay For Life. She got on the ACS website and found some ideas. She then spoke with Renee Lyle of the ACS, who set the wheels in motion for Hat Day.

“The American Cancer Society offered to come and do a workshop on sunscreen,” explained Main Street Principal Denise Bence. “We thought it was a good idea.” The workshop will be held on April 25.

“We picked sun screen because it’s more effective for those age groups,” explained Bernson, who added that many children do not like to wear sun screen and fail to see its importance.

The ACS representative will cover sun safety reminders, such as wearing sunglasses, reapplying sunscreen after swimming and to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. Students will also learn that the sun’s rays are at its strongest during the middle of the day and that the ultraviolet rays are strong enough to travel through clouds, which is why it is important to protect your skin even though the sun isn’t shining.

Bernson said she sent out letters to the teachers and has been in touch with Main Street Principal Denise Bence.

“Mrs. Bence has been supportive. She’s been very receptive to all this,” Bernson said. She added that programs such as this is something she would like to organize each year.

After the presentation, the students will be asked to participate in HAT DAY on April 26. During this day, the students can wear any type of hat for that day by donating $1.00 to Relay for Life. Each student will have to give their teacher the $1.00 at the beginning of class and then each teacher turns the money back into the office. At the end of the day, Bernson will come and collect the money.

“Kids love to wear hats,” said Bence, who added that information on Hat Day will be sent home with the students this week.

Hat Day will also give the classes a chance to compete with one another. The top class from each different grade level will have a chance to earn free ice cream from Druby’s. The class from each grade level with the highest amount of money raised will win.

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