Help rehabilitate habitat in Lake Shelbyville

Lake Shelbyville Fish Habitat Alliance.

The Lake Shelbyville Fish Habitat Alliance (LSFHA) is announcing a unique program for individuals, clubs, businesses and organizations to leave their mark in rehabilitating the fish habitat in Lake Shelbyville.

The first year of habitat restoration efforts in Lake Shelbyville by the LSFHA has been nothing short of FANTASTIC!! Many successful fishing trips have been credited to the SHELBYVILLE CUBES!

As of Aug. 1, approximately 313 CUBES and 40 artificial STUMPS have been placed in strategic locations throughout the lake. A habitat placement committee made up of some of the finest fisherman at Lake Shelbyville picked all 353 locations based on water depth and the ability to produce fish. All of these locations have been marked as Waypoints and are available for public use. These waypoints are marked on an aerial photograph and have an associated table with each CUBE/STUMPS GPS Coordinate. All maps are distributed to businesses throughout the communities surrounding the lake for the first two months after placement and then posted to the LSFHA’s Facebook page.

The fund raising plan for the remainder of 2018 is to offer an “ADOPT A CUBE” program whereby an individual, business or organization can help with this incredibly successful habitat restoration project by adopting one or more cubes to be placed in Lake Shelbyville. Each adopted cube will have its’ location and the donors name placed on the map for that specific Cube drop and distributed to the public as described above.

The fee structure for this program is as follows: One cube at $100, two cubes at $150, three cubes at $225 and two, three cube clusters (6 total cubes) at $400.

To participate in this 501c3 project please mail the appropriate check to: Lake Volunteers Association, 1989 State Hwy 16, Shelbyville, Il 62565. Please make the check payable to the Lake Volunteer Association with “Fish Habitat” written in the memo part of the check.

Please direct questions to Bob Kerans, Finance Committee Chairman 1-217-414-0093 or email

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