Renewal forms for the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption and Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption have been mailed from the Shelby County Supervisor of Assessments Office. Homeowners who will turn 65in the year 2020 should come to the Supervisor of Assessments Office in the Courthouse to sign up for the Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption and the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze. They may sign up for the exemption any time during the year they turn 65.

Once you are signed up, a renewal form will be mailed to you each year.

The Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption is an annual exemption for persons age 65 and older regardless of Income. The amount ofthe exemption is a maximum of $5,000. The Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption allows qualified senior citizens to have their home’s equalized assessed value frozen at a base year value. The base year is the year before the year you first qualify and apply for the exemption. The amount of your exemption benefit is your property’s current year EAV minus your frozen year value. To qualify for this exemption, you must be 65 or older during 2020 and your total household income in 2019 was $65,000 or less, on January 1 2019 and January 1 2020 you owned the property, and it is your principal place of residence. You do not qualify for this exemption if your property is assessed under the mobile home privilege tax.

Freezing your property’s EAV does not mean that your property taxes will not increase. Your tax bill could increase if the tax rate increases. Your EAV and tax bill may also increase if you add improvements to your home.

Those who qualify for the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption may also qualify for the real estate tax deferral. Contact the County Treasurer’s Office for information on tax deferral.

The General Homestead Exemption (Owner Occupied) is the difference in the current EAV and the EAV of the property in 1977 up to $6,000. To qualify, one must own and live in the property as January 1 ofthe assessment year and be responsible for the real estate taxes. The exemption will apply to single-family residences subject to a lease if a copy of the lease is filed with the Supervisor of Assessments Office. The lease must state that the lessee is liable for and willpay the real estate taxes.

The Homestead improvement Exemption is a four-year exemption that applies to an owner-occupied property that has made an improvement such as an addition or garage added to an existing dwelling.

The applications for the Disabled Person’s Homestead Exemption and the Disabled Veterans Standard Homestead Exemption are available in the Supervisor of Assessments Office.

For questions or to obtain an application, contact the Supervisor of Assessments Office 217-774-5579 or by the mailing address: P O Box 416 Shelbyville Illinois 62565.

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