A new law that requires hospitals to list the cost of all their services took effect Jan. 1, and HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital is complying.

Erica Johnson, HSHS Good Shepherd Communications Manager, said all prices are listed on the hospital's website, as the law requires.

HSHS believes in being transparent and upfront when patients and families have questions concerning prices of services, Johnson said.

Prices can be found at hshsgoodshepherd.org/Patients-and-Guests/Patient-Financial-Services

Johnson said it is important to note there are often variables that can factor into these prices. The law requires hospitals to list standard charges for services and items like medication that can be provided by the hospital.

The prices listed on HSHS Good Shepherd's website do not factor in what someone's health insurance may cover. HSHS also offers financial assistance to eligible patients.

HSHS offers patients an estimate cost of what they will need to pay after insurance has paid.

For assistance, patients can call by phone at 888-477-4221 or at the local business office.

"We hope that this price transparency does not deter patients from getting the care they need," Johnson said. "We encourage everyone to seek treatment when needed and as recommended by health care professionals."

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