On Saturday, March 14, VFW Post 4829 and the Eternal Flame Coalition sponsored a Jeep Run to raise money for the Eternal Flame on the square in Shelbyville.

The $4,000 raised will be used to maintain the flame and pay the cost of fuel to keep the flame burning 24/7.

Twenty-five jeeps and 75 volunteers went on the run.

The eternal flame is located at The Lincoln Public Square, often called “Freedom Square.”

The Square’s monument was dedicated in 1907 to honor the local Soldiers and Sailors of the Spanish-American, Civil, Mexican, 1812 and Revolutionary Wars and was updated to include Desert Storm.

The monument was designed by a local artist, Robert Marshall Root.

Beneath the monument is a black marble pedestal, which holds the eternal flame.

On the pedestal are etchings of U.S. Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima, Gen. MacArthur walking ashore and Shelbyville resident August West. Around the perimeter are dozens of flags.

The eternal flame was dedicated July 3, 2002 and dedicated to the men and women who have served in past wars.

The square also has a plaque in honor of Abraham Lincoln, who practiced law in Shelbyville. A plaque for Horace Tallman, the inventor of the first mechanical pick-up hay baler also sits on the square.

The Coalition raised $4,000 through raffles, entry fees, and donations. The VFW Post 4829, the Braves, Possum Lodge, the Moose, DC Bike Club, Band of Brothers and the VFW Post 4829 Auxiliary donated money.

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