Lake Land dental hygiene students visit schools

Ms. Davis’s third graders at Charleston’s Carl Sandburg School eagerly raise their hands for the opportunity to show off their dental knowledge to Lake Land College Dental Hygiene students Fallon Sullivan, of Bloomington, Ind., and Laura Koester, of Shelbyville.

The students of Ms. Davis’s third grade class at Charleston’s Carl Sandburg School “oohed” and “awed” as Lake Land College Dental Hygiene students Fallon Sullivan and Laura Koester demonstrated how cavities are formed by simulating tooth decay through the decomposition of a Styrofoam cup covered with chocolate syrup and acetone.

Sullivan, of Bloomington, Ind., and Koester, of Shelbyville, were two of the second-year Dental Hygiene students who attended 18 area elementary schools to educate children on proper dental care as a part of Dental Health Month. Using scrapbooks entitled “Teeth are always in Style,” they taught the children about cavities, tooth decay and dental procedures with their explanations of the photos they brought in to share. They also utilized large model teeth to show how to properly brush and floss.

“The most important thing for these kids to remember is to always brush and floss. They’re key! They should do it at least once a day. I know it’s hard to think of how it affects them in the long run but it’s important,” Fallon said.

Lake Land’s Dental Hygiene program is a competitive special admission program. Students admitted into the college in the Dental Hygiene Track work through pre-requisite classes and apply to the Dental Hygiene program at the beginning of the spring semester to be considered for entry to the fall semester.

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