Three Year Old Dresses Up Like Donald Trump

Wyatt Ordner gives the Trump “thumbs-up.” Ordner is dressing up as President Donald Trump for Halloween this year.

Wyatt Ordner, 3, of Sigel, is dressing up as one of his favorite people for Halloween this year: President Donald Trump.

Christina Ordner said her son likes the president and has been dressing up like him.

“We’re a huge patriotic family,” Ordner said. “I’m a veteran and politics and religion are huge topics in our household.”

Three Year Old Dresses Up Like Donald Trump

Wyatt Ordner is dressing up as Donald Trump for Halloween this year.

The family has a large American flag, an Air Force flag and two Trump flags in their yard.

Ordner said friends of the family often comment that her son’s “thumbs-up” sign reminds them of Trump. This past summer, when the president was on television, Wyatt would call his mother’s attention to it and give the thumbs-up.

Dressing up like a politician is not something new for the Ordners, who have three children. Wyatt’s oldest brother dressed up like John McCain in 2008 when McCain was running for president.

Asked what he likes most about Trump, Wyatt said his thumbs-up. They also share a passion for McDonald’s.

“We’re campaigning for Trump and the Republicans and we believe people should find a candidate that supports what you believe in and support them,” Christina Ordner said

Special to the outfit Wyatt wears when he dresses as Trump is a flag lapel pin that belonged to his great-grandfather, Ambrose Probst.

“Everyone in our house likes Trump,” the boy’s mom said.

In addition to dressing up as Donald Trump, Ordner has reserved an Instagram account for her son with the username “juniorpotus.” Throughout the next year, she plans to post photos.

When asked how people react when they see Wyatt dressed up like Trump, Ordner said that the reception has been positive.

“They love it,” she said. “Everyone we come into contact with has loved it.”

Even when Halloween is over, Wyatt said he’ll be wearing a hat and T-shirts to support Trump.

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