The April 2 election will give voters the opportunity to elect school board members, city council members and library trustees. The county is getting new voting equipment, and there's a new polling place for Rose Township.

Instead of voting at Shelby Electric Cooperative, Rose Township residents will cast their ballots at the old Paul Barne's mechanic building at 209 N. Pine St. in Shelbyville.

County Clerk Jessica Fox said she wanted to give a head's up to the residents that the polling place has moved.

The new touchscreen equipment will only be available for use at the courthouse during the upcoming election and will be distributed to all other polling places during the March 2020 primaries.

Fox said in the past if a vote count has been off, an election judge would have to bring the whole machine and ballots back to the courthouse.

"This (new) machine actually scans each ballot as it's fed in, so there wouldn't be any more need to bring all that stuff back here and rerun everything back through and recount it on election night, because it's all on a little memory card," she said.

The machine will print a receipt after voting, which is the voter's ballot. The voter will then take this over to the ballot box and feed it in. Instead of having two machines and two counting processes, everything will be counted on one machine.

Fox said this is much more secure and has been tested and approved by the State Board of Elections. Paper ballots will also still be available.

This election generally has an extremely low turn out, Fox said, and she wants to remind voters they will be voting for people who have a lot of control in terms of their tax dollars.

Grace period voting will be available only at the courthouse.

"This is a good time for voters to check their voter registration and make sure that they are correctly registered," Fox said.

The last day to actually register to vote at a place like the DMV is March 5. The first day of grace period voting is March 6 and will run through April 2.

Fox said, "If people want to vote by mail, they can request a ballot now. We don't have early voting until Feb. 21."

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