The Okaw Valley Regional Development Asociation (OVRDA) met June 20 in Dalton City to discuss plans for the upcoming 2nd Annual 2006 Touchstone Energy Hydrofest NBRA Boat Races.

The races will be held at the Wilborn Creek Access Area of Lake Shelbyville September 16 - 17.

The group discussed topics such as ways to better advertise; informational letter to be sent out to the approximately 150 NBRA members; fundraising; promotion of Bethany, Dalton City, and Findlay; other activities for the event besides the scheduled boat races, food and craft vending.

Spectators are welcom on both land and water. Liquor will not be sold at the event. However spectators may bring their own with the exception of that brought in glass bottles.

A recommendation was made that the no wake zone for boat spectators be moved farther south from last year’s location.

A buffer zone will be designated for spectators and oher boaters, and a red zone buoy line will serve as a safety limit.

Anyone interested in being a food or craft vendor for the event should contact Roger Brooks at 756-8585.

Groups interested in having an activity fundraiser should contact Chris Tippit at 756-8207.

For other information , contact Lori Ryherd at 756-3253, or log onto

The next planning meeting is set for July 18, 6:30 p.m., at Eagle Creek Resort.

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