Flag soldier painting

Deck Johnson’s new painting along 128 sends a patriotic message.

Decka Johnson is patriotic and her latest desire in that regard was to share that with people traveling on Route 128, just north of Shelbyville.

“I wanted to have it painted for everybody to enjoy,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s property is about two miles north of Shelbyville on Route 128 (1543 Rt 128). She has a tall flag pole with an American Flag and a POW Flag flying.

Just behind that is a machine shed with two doors, one about 16 feet high and the other about 14 feet high. She commissioned Kesia Decker to paint an American Flag on one door and an American soldier on the other, with the words, “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.”

“My grandmother is real patriotic,” said Hunter Martincic.

“I wanted a flag hanging down,” Johnson said. “The soldier is patterned after a statue I have in my yard.”

The soldier painted on the shed door resembles the 3 1/2 foot soldier statue Johnson has by a fence near her sidewalk.

Johnson said Decker crafted the paintings free hand with a brush. The project started about 3 weeks ago and Decker finished last week. Johnson said Decker has similar paintings around the area.

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