Shelbyville School District #4 board members heard from Suprintendent Shane Schuricht about the procedures in place to protect staff and students from threats.

“The things we are doing are the things we have done before. The State requires that we have it down on paper, more official,” said Schuricht. “It’s great to have procedures in place.”

The School District Threat Assessment deals with everything from a random comment by a student to someone coming on campus to cause a problem.

The comprehensive plan, of course, deals with an immediate threat by calling law enforcement, but the threat assessment is much more detailed than that.

Short of an imminent threat, the Threat Assessment Team convenes and conducts an inquiry, especially with a student issue. It allows for a management plan and monitoring if there is a possible further threat. In the case of a student needing help, it includes implementing referrals and follow-up.

“We have a great relationship with the Shelbyville Police Department and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office,” Schuricht said. “We are required to have lockdown drills in each building every year and Shelbyville Police Chief Dave Tallman comes out and does a check.”

“The lockdowns occur unannounced,” Schuricht said. “We just announce over the intercom that we are on a lockdown and everyone goes into lockdown more. Whenever we call law enforcement them come very quickly.”

Shuricht remembered a case a few years ago where a student put on Facebook that he was going to shoot up a school that began with the letter “S”.

“School Districts across the nation that began with the letter “S” were on alert,” Schuricht said. “We started an investigation of potential threats and called in law enforcement. We determined there was no credible threat and communicated that to the parents. I think it was some kid in Ohio.”

We the submission of the Threat Assessment conversations with law enforcement led to a training that will take place on November 6. Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Wood is arranging ALICE Training for teachers and employees of the Shelbyville School District.

ALICE stands for Alert-Lockdown-Enforce-Counter-Evacuate. It is a pro-active appraoch to a man-made disturbance.

There will an 11;30 a.m. early dismissal as part of the regular school calendar on Wednesday, November 6. The topic for the teachers that day will be ALICE Training. However, all school employees: secretaries, lunch room personnel, janitors, bus drivers, etc. will be asked to participate.

“Not just teachers, but everyone who works at the school, needs to know what’s going on,” Schuricht said.

The training is anticipated to last that day from 11:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. The school has already had interior security doors installed and is constantly looking at what can be done to keep the building safe and secure.

“We are fortunate that the law enforcement is frequently in the building throughout the day, especially at the high school before schools starts,” Schuricht said.

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