Shelbyville City Council member Martha Firnhaber announced at the Shelbyville City Council meeting on Monday, March 16 that in talking with the Shelby County Clerk's Office, she was told there would be curbside voting available on Tuesday, March 17 for the Primary Election.

There was already a way for people who are disabled to vote curbside at the polls, but according to Firnhaber that will be extended to those who don't want to go into a crowded polling place and vote, due to the coronavirus. They also may call the clerk's office 774-4421 and arrange to vote from their vehicle.

There may be a little wait for curbside voting, because a Republican and Democrat judge must come out to be present.

Voters may also bring their own black ink pen to vote if they are concerned about using a common writing utensil.

Poll workers will  be instructed to wipe pens and the polls down after every voter.

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