Purging the rolls of voters sounds un-American, but in reality it is meant to have an accurate voter registration to make sure every vote does count.

According to Shelby County Clerk Jessica Fox, Shelby County will be doing a voter pur this summer as required by law (10 ILCS 5/4-17).

"Every voter in Shelby County will be getting a new voter registration card," Fox said. "These cards will be printed in red ink, to notify the voter this is the most current card."

The new voter cards will be mailed on June 26.

"I applied for and received a grant from the Illinois State Board of Elections that pays for the costs associated with the purge," Fox said. "The required purge allows election authorities to clean up the voter rolls. By statute, voters that haven't voted during the preceding four years are purged."

After 30 days, voters whose cards have been returned to us will be inactivated.

"This allows us to clear out voters who have moved, changed their names, or passed away," Fox said.

Inactive status requires the voter to re-register to vote. Voters need to be correctly registered, so they are placed in the correct voting districts and voting precincts.

"With a primary election in March 2020, now is a good time for residents of Shelby County to check their voter registration for accuracy and notify the clerk's office if they notice a problem," Fox said. "Now is also the time for those people who are not registered to vote, to get registered."

Residents can come to the clerk's office with two forms of ID, at least one of those must be a photo ID and have a current address. Residents can also get registered by deputy registrars throughout Shelby County, or go online to the Illinois State Board of Elections website and register.

Shelby County only offers voter registration in the clerk's office on Election Day. However, voters should not wait until Election Day to check their voter registration

"I strongly encourage everyone to get registered to vote now, so their registration is correct for the March 2020 primary election," Fox said.

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