Due to a report shared at the latest Shelbyville School District board meeting, the district received some good grades. Their financial audit received the top rating and their district comparisons were near the top.

Superintendent Shane Schuricht was glad to see the school receive the highest financial recommendation possible. Robin Yockey of Mose, Yockey, Brown & Kull went over the review with the board.

“Overall, our rating went from 3.9 to 4.0,” Schuricht said. “A 4.0 is the highest that you can get.”

The increase in the rating was because the district paid off a long-term bond early, that was charging them interest. That was the one area of the rating that kept Shelbyville from being perfect.

“We saw that we could pay it off and the administration and the board made the decision last November or December,” Schuricht said.

  • The financial rating is based on 5 areas: Fund balance to revenue ratio, Expenditures to revenue ratio, Days cash on hand, Percent of short term borrowing, Percent of long term.

It was the last category that was 3.0 last year. Now it is 4.0. The bond that was paid off was from around 2012, before Schuricht was in the district.

“We thought it was possible we would receive the highest rating, but that’s not why we did it,” Schuricht said. “If you have a bond that is charging interest and some that don’t, you pay off the one with interest to try and save the district money. It made financial sense to pay it off.”

Schuricht feels comfortable where the district is at.

“We are pleased,” Schuricht said. “We want the highest rating. It’s comforting. To have 258.93 days of cash on hand, that’s good. I remember being in districts where they had 20 or 30 days cash on hand and were worried if they would be paid by the state. This is a good feeling.”

After the report, the board approved the FY19 Audit Report.

The district also received a report on their success teaching students compared to other schools in the region.

In the Illinois Assessment of Readiness for 4th-8th grade, Shelbyville was above the state average in 3 of the 5 categories. The two categories below the state were just 2 points below, SAT Language Arts, and SAT math.

Shelbyville ranked 4th out of 28 schools in English, 5th of 28 in 4th grade math. They were 7th of 28 in 5th grade English and 5th of 28 in 5th grade math. They were 3rd in 6th grade English, 3rd of 28 in 7th grade English and 4th in 7th grade math. They were 5th in 8th grade English.

Even their lowest comparison was still better than half the schools. They were 12th in 8th grade math and 14th in 6th grade math.

In the Illinois Science Assessment the Shelby 5th grade increased 36.2% from 27.1% in 2016 to 63.3% in 2019. The 8th grade increased 28% from 30.8% in 2016 to 58.8% in 2019.

SAT scores in language was 7th out of 30 area schools and the SAT in math was 5th out of 30 area schools.

In other business, the board approved the second reading of the bullying policy. The board also approved the proposal of the 2019 tax levy. It will be voted on in December.

The board also hired Meleah Brinkoetter as the 8th grade girls volleyball coach.

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