Shelbyville agrees to support pump track

A pump track at Coon Creek is a downscaled example of the one proposed for Forest Park.

At the last city council meeting, the idea of a pump bike track at Forest Park was proposed. It was on the agenda again on Monday and this time the city voted to support it and kick in 20% of the cost, about $37,000.

Jerry Yockey, Chairman of the General Dacey Trail, gave most of the information at the last meeting and had testimonials from Phil Manhart of the Corps of Engineers and Scott Enkoff. Shelbyville City Park Commissioner Mark Shanks was also a proponent.

The Pump Track is an area designated and built for bike riders of all ages to develop skills riding off road. There is an off road bike trail at Lake Shelbyville and an annual Mountain Bike Festival at the lake. Proponents think it will be a welcome addition to Shelbyville's Forest Park, similar to the pump track out at Coon Creek Campground.

The first order of business was the Letter of Support. Yockey was on hand and asked for the letter and reported, again, that the Dacey Trail Committee would pay up to $100,000 for the project and the Corps would be on board for 20%, pending the letter of support from the city.

The city voted unanimously to give the letter of support for the project. The talk then turned to the amount of monetary support.

Yockey said that the cost could be around $185,000, with the Trail Committee giving $100,000, the Corps giving 20% ($37,000) and the city could give 20% ($37,000). He said the cost would depend on the number of fabricated elements to the track.

Shanks said that in previous General Dacey Trail projects, the city has typically given 20% of the cost. He also said that he checked on the insurance for the city and how that would be affected. Shanks said insurance man Derek Hayden agreed that there would be a nominal effect on the insurance costs, much like the skate park. The city council voted unanimously to cover 20% of the cost.

Yockey reported that the latest time table for the company building the track could begin in July and finish in August.

The other big item on the city council agenda was the future plans of the Economic Development Corporation.

The agenda item was to appoint two individuals to be on the Economic Development Hiring Committee. The Economic Development Corporation wants to hire a full-time director of economic development. Previously they had a part-time person. They want to combine the Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce and the EDC and coordinate the two entities for the benefit of the area.

On cue, insurance man Derek Hayden arrived at the council meeting. Mayor Jeff Johnson stated that there is a desire for a hiring committee made up of two members from the city, two from the county, two from chamber, and two from the Economic Development Corporation. Mayor Johnson recommended Commissioners Debe Wright and Martha Firnhaber. He said the committee will set up the parameters, job description, etc. for the position. The city voted unanimously to create a committee and to appoint Wright and Firnhaber to be on the committee.

In other business, the council adjourned long enough to hold a liquor commission meeting. They were asked for a variance by the VFW to sell liquor in the parking lot on a date in July. They expect a crowd too big to be held safely indoors.

Shelbyville City Police Chief Dave Tallman said that in the past the VFW had policed their own events and things have worked out. He agreed that there would be a fenced in area and they would supply their own people to check for IDs.

Commissioner Shanks reported that the parks department is still in the search for a bucket truck. He also reported that Trilium Dell would be at the next city council meeting to give a presentation concerning options for the future of the historic Chautauqua Building at Forest Park. He also said they are still researching information for the renewal of the Senior Center license.

Discussion ensued about the location of fireworks depending on the level of the lake at the dam. Reports were that fireworks were set to remain at the dam point, barring more rain.

Street Commissioner Thom Schafer reported their bucket truck being under repairs for 3 or 4 weeks. He also reported a tree that fell on a house and commended Jeff Helm of Clean Sweep, who volunteered to take the tree down with no charge to the city.

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