football passing machine

Rams head football coach Ross Forlines was eager to test out his new football passing machine, courtesy of the Shelbyville Booster Foundation.

Sometimes wishes do come true. The sales from Rams Royal Raffle tickets and concessions last year yielded a bonus for the Shelbyville Booster Foundation, enabling them to surpass their obligation to the school and grant some wishes to coaches and club leaders.

Booster Foundation President Rob Bosgraaf said, “After we met the monetary goal with the school, we asked the coaches and club leaders to give us a wish list for items they needed. It so happened to work out this time that we were able to afford most of the requested items.”

The Broadcasting Club received a new camcorder and Moulton Middle School got 10 new banners to hang in the gym, highlighting their achievements. Baseball received a home plate mat for a batting cage, batting circles, and pro base set.

Rams head football coach, Ross Forlines couldn’t wait to try out one of his favorites, a ‘passing machine.’ “They have pitching machines for baseball and softball, now we have one for football. This will increase the number of passes to receivers since it throws a perfect right-hand spiral every time. Anybody can operate it. You just place the ball in the chute and push here,” Forlines said as the ball sailed downfield about 25 yards. The passing machine can also be set for left-hand spiral and an entire range of heights and distances.

“The Booster Foundation gave us a lot of really nice equipment,” continued Forlines. “We got a low-thrust weight machine, a swim trainer, two medicine balls, a pop-up dummy for rip and swim movements; break-away belts and a lateral resister for lateral agility training; jump ropes, new hip, knee and thigh pads and a football field lining and painting set.”

The Booster Foundation gift box also included new hurdles for track, and warm-up suits for high school girls basketball and jr. high boys basketball.

The Shelbyville Booster Foundation is a wish come true in its own right. When the tax referendum failed and the schools were faced with cutting extracurricular activities or teacher positions, the resourceful community of Shelbyville came up with a solution. That solution was the Booster Foundation.

Bosgraaf added, “We are happy to be supported by the community as we are. We appreciate all the time the members put in and we are going to be kicking off another raffle the first part of August. Without the continued support of the community, none of this would be possible.”

Royal Raffle tickets are 25.00 each for a chance at the $5,000 grand prize. The Booster Foundation has to sell 1000 or more of these each year to meet their obligation. When that time rolls around, remember you aren’t just buying a raffle ticket, you are supporting a vital part of the school experience. Plus, you might win $5,000

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