Pell at Council

Architect Charles Pell gave a presentation to the Shelbyville City Council on the restoration of the Chautauqua Building.

The Shelbyville City Council spent the first half of their bi-monthly meeting talking about the Chautauqua Building restoration project. Charles Pell of Charles Pell Architects, Springfield, presented a proposal to complete a Historic Structure Report (HSR) on that project. The price tag for that report is $40,100.

“What this report does is document not only the history of this particular structure but also talks about what the needs are to renovate or restore that particular thing,” Pell told the council.

That $40,100 breaks down with $12,000 going to historic research, $7,800 for measured drawings and photographs (hourly), $18,700 for structural evaluation (fixed) and $1,600 cost estimates (hourly).

City Council Urges Caution In The Area Of Wal-Mart Construction

The Shelbyville City Council wants to remind county residents about the work being done on the Wal-Mart located west of Shelbyville on Illinois Route 16. Commissioner Tim Finks said the traffic in that area is a real mess and much caution must be given when driving through that area. Please remember to slow down for construction zones throughout Illinois this summer.

Pell went on to tell the council he has identified several different grants that might be available to pay the cost of this report. However, he also points out that many of these grants are matching types of grants. That means for instance, if the city was to obtain a $20,000 grant for example, they would have to match that amount and come up with $20,000.

Commissioner Noel Bolinger, who is the Public Grounds and Buildings Commissioner, heads up this project. Bolinger told the council only $3,000 has been allotted thus far for this project.

Both Bolinger and Pell agree restoration of that building would be a long-term project.

“On the timetable aspect of this project, it will be a long process,” said Bolinger.

Bolinger told the council this would be a multi-year type of project where the city completed the work as funds would allow.

Bolinger formed a committee of interested citizens to work with him on this project. Some members of that committee were at the meeting.

One member of that committee voiced her displeasure over the price of the HSR.

“I am not happy, because I think this way too much money,” said Roberta Johnson. I don’t understand why you have to have $12,000 in historic research, when you can go down to the Historical Society and get the information there.”

Pell answered that objection by explaining the cost involves professional time and would eventually be necessary for the grant application.

Bolinger told the council that when he interviewed the three different architects about the HSR they were all in that price range.

“One firm was from Chicago and they said, that very rarely is there a HSR that runs under a $100,000,” Bolinger continued.

The committee members also talked about the sewer problem under the Chautauqua Building and the necessity of correcting that before anything else is done.

After a very lengthy discussion the council voted to proceed with the possibility of obtaining grants to fund the HSR.

“I think we want to approach this project based on getting a grant, and if we can’t get a grant then we have to come back and make another decision,” Bolinger said.

In other actions the council voted to:

*Amended the Liquor Code bringing the Class F Licenses from three down to two. Class F Licenses are for restaurants and the El Bajio restaurant closed and forfeited their Class F license.

*Approved a liquor license for Marla Weller who has taken over the Hilltop Bar from Mike Killam.

*Approved $10,175 to fix the sewer plant clarifier.

*Passed a prevailing Wage Resolution.

*Amended City Purchase Regulations which came about due to the Illinois State Legislature authorizing a change in the bidding and purchase requirements of municipalities under 500,000. City attorney John Freeman explained the new legislation increases the amount the city can authorize for purchases or bidding from $10,000 to $20,000.

*Approved a temporary street closure of the 100 block of South Broadway Street on Friday, June 9th. The closure is for a fund raiser by the Garden Club to raise funds for the mini park.

* Building Commissioner Report by David Young. Young told the council there has been several projects started without building permits and letters will be going out.

The council then went into Executive Closed Session to discuss personnel issues.

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