The Shelbyville City Council will meet remotely Monday, April 6.

According to Rachel Wallace, the Shelbyville City Clerk, during the current health situation, an exemption to the opening meetings act allows for the city council to meet online, remotely. 

To provide access to the meeting for the council and the public, the meeting has been set up via "Zoom." People can log on and view the meeting on computer, like "Skype." People will be able to see and hear the meeting and commissioners. People will also be able to make comments, when called upon. Otherwise, the public will be muted.

The city has sent out the following statement and the way to log on.

"Shelbyville City Council Agenda, REMOTE WEB MEETING, Apr 6, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

"In light of the current COVID-19 public health emergency, this meeting will be held remotely. The public can observe and comment, when appropriate, by connecting on line at or calling 1 (312) 626-6799.

The Meeting ID number is 241-984-5173. The Password is: 04062020"

Once you are logged in, the meeting administrator will see it and allow you in.

John Curtis can be reached at

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