Niemann Foods, Inc, has announced the donation of $50,000 to area schools which participated in the company’s “County Market/ Cub/Niemann Market/IGA Max Dollars for Education Program”, which ran from August 21 through December 31, 2005.

Throughout their marketing area 304 schools are receiving funds from the 2005 Max Dollars for Education program. Max Card customers had one easy sign-up to name a school of their choice. Funds were awarded on a proportional customer spending basis to all enrolled schools.

In addition to the money that was awarded, the top 20 schools earned bonus box tops from General Mills and bonus soup labels from Campbell’s Soups.

Moulton Middle School earned $438.40. Moulton Middle School Principal Jacque Eberspacher said that school is very appreciative.

“That money goes into our activity fund and allows us to have a lot of different things for the kids, that we would not normally have the money to spend for,” said Eberspacher.

Main Street School received $733.05 plus 9,000 Campbell’s labels which can be redeemed for school equipment such as computers from Campbell’s. Main Street also received 15,000 General Mills box tops which can be redeemed from General Mills for $1,500.

Main Street School Principal, Denise Bence said she was grateful for the financial help.

“We are very grateful, we use this money for all the things that are not in our budget like parties, or extra celebrations and incentives for the kids,” said Bence.

Niemann Foods, Inc. owns 28 stores in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri who participate in the Max Dollars for Education Program, 2005.

County Market Store Director, Randy Cain said his company does these types of things to give back to the community where they do business.

“We like to be good members of our community, and education is one area we feel very strong about,” said Cain.

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