Shelbyville prepares for new school year

Former high school principal Shane Schuricht presented the Mize Award for a junior Social Studies standout to Corban Aultman at a recent Shelbyville School Board meeting. Schuricht assumed superintendent duties for the first time during the July board meeting.

Shelbyville School District held their July board meeting last week with their new superintendent and prepared for the upcoming school year.

Shane Schuricht, the former high school principal and new superintendent, announced that registration for school this fall will be Monday, Aug. 5 from 2 p.m.-6 p.m. and Tuesday, Aug. 6 from 7a.m.-10 a.m. Teachers will have an institute day on Wednesday, Aug. 14 and the first day of school will be on Thursday, Aug. 15 with an early 2 p.m. dismissal.

The board board unanimously approved the Board Policy Updates for the year. Schuricht highlighted the "Targeted School Violence Prevention Program."

Pending a mandate that is expected to be signed, the district will have 30 days from the approval, to establish building-level Threat Assessment Team(s) to assess and intervene with individuals whose behavior may pose a threat to safety.

The district also will have 90 days to establish a district-level Targeted School Violence Prevention Plan and oversee the District's Building-Level Threat Assessment Team(s).

On the topic of security, there was an update about the door replacements at the high school. The school is replacing original interior doors in the building with specially rated doors for a lock down situation. The doors are over $1000 each and there are about 50 doors.

The doors are to arrive in mid-August. Since school will be starting, the work will be done when the students are not in class. Schuricht said the work is expected to be done by January.

When that project is completed there are a couple of other projects that board is looking at to undertake. As part of the special planning session several projects for improvement were shared with the board. One project is installing LED lighting in the Moulton Middle School gym and activity room.

The original estimate for that project was $33,215. The board approved a bid from R & B for $24,559. With an energy saving $3,800 rebate it puts the cost at about $21,000. That project is now on the board.

An additional project that seems to have steam is replacing the seats in the auditorium. According to Schuricht, last year, Ag Teacher Kelly Black chaired a meeting of about 20 teachers that sponsor student-led groups and replacing the seats was a goal they had. Habitat for Humanity in Shelby County recently gave $10,000 towards that project.

"That is a great start," Schuricht said. "Once school begins those groups will get back together and we anticipate they will move forward. They need to decide what kind of seats they want to replace the old ones. In conversations with board members, they are interested in doing something in terms of matching funds with this group."

Schuricht also highlighted an new procedure for random drug testing of students at the high school. Schuricht said that it is "less invasive." He explained that the pool of students that can be randomly drawn for a test are students that are in extra-curricular activities, including students that drive to school and park in the school parking lot.

"In the past, the names would be randomly drawn and Tony (Pullen, the assistant principal) would have to take the students to the health department for a urine sample," Schuricht said. "Now, when the students names are drawn, people will come to the school for the test. Instead of a urine-based test it will be a simple swab of saliva and it will be done."

In addition, the school board unanimously approved health insurance renewals with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The school board heard of 19 Ash trees on school property that were in bad shape. They will be looking at cutting down 15 of them. Nothing was voted on about cutting them down, yet. They agreed to let the school personnel try to treat and save four of them.

Some personnel decisions were announced after the executive session, including teachers and coaches.

Schuricht said that Marilyn Biehler was hired as a part-time as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher.

He also announced that Jamie Watson was hired as the Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach for this year. He expressed his sympathy for the passing of her husband Wes Watson on Sunday in a car accident.

"Jamie has been a long-time teacher and involved in so many things at the school," Schuricht said. "It is a horrible situation and we want to support her and her family in anyway we can."

Maleah Brinkoetter was hired as JV Volleyball Coach, Brittany Pierce as Fresh/Soph Volleyball Coach, and Jill, Miller, Lisa Peifer, Maggie Bosgraaf were approved as volunteer volleyball coaches.

Chris Mosely was hired as the Varsity Boys Track Coach. Tim McElroy was hired as the Moulton Boys Track Coach.

Other volunteer coaches that were approved were: Bill Leach as assistant golf coach; Wade Duckett, Jared Tull, Evan Stirrett, David Matlock, and Corey Duckett as assistant football coaches; Ryan Brown as cross country coach; Tony Moll and Nate Frederick as assistant Moulton softball coaches; Ron Middleton and Tad Mayhall as assistant Moulton baseball coaches.

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