The Shelbyvilleschool board during a recent meeting was presented with an annual list of seniority for certified and support staff. They approved submitting it, unanimously.

The 2020-2021 School Calendar was presented. One difference was the Spring Break in 2021. Currently the break is Wednesday, Thursday and Good Friday. In 2021, spring break will be Thursday, April 1, Friday, April 2, and the Monday after Easter, April 5. The board approved the calendar, unanimously.

Ideal is a consultant company that the district works with in connection with asbestos removal. Initially the bid for Ideal was for $52,000 working with the tile removal at Moulton Middle School. Because removal bids came in lower than expected, the fee to Ideal would be lowered to $47,000. The board approved that, unanimously.

Superintendent Shane Schuricht reported six companies bid for the actual tile removal. DEM bid $187,000 and included extra work that could be done in the school office and Mr. Tomlin’s office for another $14,500.

“If you have the service here, then let’s do it,” said board member Keith Boehm.

The total would be $191,500. The board voted to approve the work, unanimously.

Once the tile is removed, it needs to be replaced. Two bids came in. One was from Select Interiors and the other from Mark’s Floors. Schuricht said that Select’s estimate was $1000 less, $45,238.It was recommended. The board approved the recommendation, unanimously.

There was a an estimate for gym floor maintenance this summer. The board wanted more included in the bid, so the decision was tabled.

Schuricht wanted to bid for two buses in March so they could get them by the 2020-2021 school year. He wants to bid on two 71 passenger buses to keep the fleet current.

The two buses he wants to trade in are 2005 buses. He recommended propane buses because they are cheaper to run. The board approved, unanimously, that those bids could go out.

Prior to the busy agenda, the principals gave a report of upcoming high school events to include FFA Week, sporting events, Moulton Spirit Week, Pre-school screening and a Rams Family Fun Night, March 31.

After the agenda, High School Principal Kyle Ladd discussed course offerings they would like to add. The information will be posted for a month and then be up for approval.

The board went into executive session to discuss employee resignation, employing a Science/Math teacher, a high school Ag/Vocational teacher and a 2nd shift custodian. They also were to approve spring assistant coaches and discuss SEA/UAW contract negotiations.

John Curtis can be reached at

John Curtis can be reached at

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