On Thursday night, the Shelbyville Unit 4 school board approved a $13.6 million budget for fiscal year 2020.

The board projects, but does not anticipate a $552,681 deficit for the year. Last year, they projected a $1 million deficit, planning for the worst, but ended in the black.

“The district ended the last fiscal year with a positive balance of $146,379.62,” said Superintendent Shane Schuricht. “This year’s budget includes a $552,681 deficit. Deficit spending in education and transportation will still leave the district above the established July 2016 balances.”

In 2016, the district had a balance of $3.6 million. The board decided that would be their target for a balance to carry forward each year in education, $2.3 million in O & M and $946,423.16 in transportation.

“The O & M fund budget will put us at about $21,000 below the established July 2016 balance,” Schuricht continued. “By comparison, the 2019 budget projected $1.1 million deficit, but the district ended the fiscal year with a positive balance of $146,379.62.”

It may not be sexy, but the other big announcement at the board meeting was receiving the E-Rate Grant from the State in late August.

Schuricht explained that every year the district applies for a grant through the E-Rate program for State aid in internet projects.

“We have to to stay up-to-date with changes in technology,” Schuricht said. “We need more efficiency in our infrastructute, like fiber optics, Wi-Fi, switches and access points.”

If the district doesn’t stay current their internet efficiency falls behind. Without participating in the lengthy E-Rate Program grants process, the district would lose out on all the financial help with their internet needs. Schuricht says they apply for a grant for a different project every year.

“It’s about a 9 month process,” Schuricht said. “This one started probably back in November of 2018. This year it is a $116,000 project and we get 70% back from the State, roughly $81,000.”

In other business, the district approved a leas agreement with the First United Methodist Church, next door to Main Street Elementary School, for their building use for the district’s Pre-K program.

The district also approved a couple assistant coaches for the spring. Ryan Brown was approved as the assistant track coach and Silas Pogue was approved as the junior varsity baseball coach.

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