Shimkus stops by Shelbyville

Congressman John Shimkus recently addressed the Shelby Electric 81st Annual Meeting after meeting with constituents.

U.S. Congressman John Shimkus (R) of the 51st District stopped by Shelbyville on Friday to tour HSHS Good Shepherd's improved trauma center and to congratulate some Shelby Electric linemen being hailed as heroes.

Shimkus strolled through the 4-H Fairgrounds grounds, where Shelby Electric was having its 81st Annual Meeting at the Shelby County 4-H Center. Shimkus visited with constituents during the pork chop dinner. He then helped kick off the annual meeting.

The Daily Union asked Shimkus what his No. 1 concern is right now.

"I think it's the wet weather and how it's delaying planting, how it affects our district and the producers," Shimkus said. "Driving up here, you can see how bad it is. And now, insurance is an issue with the late planting."

Shimkus also brought up the tariff situation with China and Mexico.

"My producers support President Trump and are still hanging in there," Shimkus said. "The various national organizations are saying the tariffs are killing us, but my producers are still OK with it and think he (Trump) will win and we'll be back.

"We'll see how Mexico sorts out. Most Republicans are free traders. I struggle with who authorizes the tariffs. It's suppose to be a national security issue. If it was a tariff on steel, it can be a national security issue, because we need steel for the military. The question is has he over-used tariffs? But he's in it to win it and he will use every tool in his kit. If we'd get control of the border, he wouldn't have to."

Shimkus then went to the annual meeting and addressed the crowd.

"This is Americana," Shimkus said. "This is what I represent in Washington, supplying electricity without too much government involvement. There are not a lot of good stories out there, but what HSHS Good Shepherd is doing, making it possible to connect with Springfield hospitals for instant diagnosis is one of those. That's something I can take back to Washington."

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