Shelbyville High School business and technology students put their learning to use to create some graphic Easter joy for residents of the Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living at Shelbyville Manor in Shelbyville.

"As part of our community service project, one of my computer classes made PC generated Easter cards and put together goody bags," said Ms. Destany Lucas, the Shelbyville High School Business/Technology Instructor.

"Ms. Lucas contacted us about a month and a half ago and we made plans for the Easter baskets," said Hawthorne Inn CNA Janette Matthews. "Every resident received a basket."

"On Wednesday, 13 students delivered the hand-made Easter baskets and Easter cards that the Desktop Publishing class participated in," Lucas said. "Each student designed their own card, using the skills that they acquired throughout the semester. They spent 4 days making a total of 23 cards and baskets."

Some of the residents were waiting for them in the dining room and some residents were in their rooms. The students circulated around, delivered the baskets and visited with the residents for about a half an hour during the school day.

"We love the children," said Norma Tharp, a former nurse from St. Elmo and Effingham. "There were some handsome fellas. I told them to study hard while they are in school, because they are going to need it. I grew up poor and my mother pounded that into my head."

Matthews teased Louise Townzen, formerly of Pocahontas: "This one here wanted kisses."

The only visit from a group of students so far this Easter season has been the high school class. There is another group of students that is still scheduled to come.

"They were nice," said Townzen. "It was nice seeing the younger people, because we are all older than mud."

They appreciated the computer-generated cards, something that was not part of their generation.

"We remember before computers were born," Tharp said.

"Now we sit on the porch and wave at truck drivers as they pass by," Townzen joked. "None have stopped yet."

"If they do we're out a here," Tharp chimed in.

The students hand-delivered the personalized items for the 22 residents and their Resident Services Director: Maxine, Rose Delores, Ilene, Layne, Katherine, Louise, Lois Dorothy Beulah, Anne, Mae, Gloria, Norma, Mavis, Annemary, Fern, Harold, Betty Jessie, Janine, Joy and Rayette.

"The students joked a bit, while making the cards before we went, about what they'd expect by going to the assisted living center," Ms Lucas said. "When we were leaving after the visit, one of the students said, 'That was really, really cool.' They were surprised by how enjoyable the visit was. They felt like they had been a part of something good and they appreciated the welcome they got from the residents."

After the positive experience this year, Ms Lucas, who spent 6 years at the Palestin School District and is finishing her first year back home in Shelbyville, says they will probably do it again.

"The kids had a really good time with the residents and they were glad they were there," Lucas said. "The nurses and the staff were over-the-top thankful we came. This was our first time we've done it and we will continue to do it."

The following students participated in the community service project: Jason Beaurdry (10th), Drake Clark(9th), Chloe Detrick(9th), James Friedman(10th), Jordan Middleton(10th), William Miller(10th), Donavan Moore(11th), Jacob Musser(11th), Nicholas Nohren(9th), AJ Stokes(11th), Austin Binnion(10th), Josslyn Kenner(12th), Austin Lane(10th).

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