Shelbyville High School seniors spent Friday morning laying Remembrance Wreaths of honor on the graves of veterans at rest in Glenwood Cemetery. 
According to Principal Kyle Ladd, the entire senior class at Shelbyville High School took part in a service learning experience called Remembrance Wreaths.
"Within this project, our students manufacture evergreen wreaths and coordinate the placement of the items within Glenwood Cemetery," Ladd said. "There are over 1,300 veterans buried in Glenwood Cemetery. The students are laying 212 wreaths today, with 70 veterans specifically honored by the students this year."
Ladd says that some people will ask the students to lay wreaths on specific veterans.
Bryor Mercer, Brady Goodrich, Nicole Parkhill, and Hannah Edwards were assigned to locate and lay a wreath on the grave of Gerald Keller.
The students were asked why they were doing it.
"Why wouldn't we?" said Parkhill. "They fought for our country. They may not be our family, but they fought for us."
Additionally, students restore gravestones in the cemetery and participate in a guided tour led by Mr. Ladd. 
The students spray "Wet and Forget" on the stones and it works to remove algae from the stones," Ladd said. "I can notice the difference in how they look." 
According to Ladd, The Horticulture Class  led by Mrs. Black spends three days making all the wreaths. The wreaths are all natural. Ladd said they work with a tree farm which donates materials.  
The tour highlights influential members of our Shelbyville community (Anthony Thornton, Josephine Cochran, Robert Root, August West, Samuel Moulton, among others).  
The two prevailing messages shared with students are:
1. All those who have had a significant influence within our community and beyond have done so with the help of others.
2. You can have a significant influence and impact, while also being from a small town.  
"Proceeds from this initiative fund the veteran breakfast, during the annual Veterans Day Assembly," Ladd said. "Additional funds received are used to support patriotism within the school district."  
"We want to thank Drake Martz and the cemetery staff for their work in helping to prepare the maps used to help locate specific veterans," Ladd said. 
Veterans cited this year: Charles Tomlinson, Robert F. Jones, Marion J Danneberger, Larry Chaney, William Edward Kieffer, Vernell West, Aubrey Strohl, Billie Strohl, Dean Rothrock, Shane Myers, Eldon Banning, Lester Donnel, Ila Mae Donnel, William Anderson, Daniel Winings, Burl Kessel, Teddy Joe Dove, Darrell Gregg, Harold Hudson, Stanley Reynolds, Jerome Pruemer, Larry Heddenberg, Joe Holland, Gerald Keller, Earl Eugene Phelps, William John Coventry, Forrest Jr Anderson, Nelson Reider, Lennel Phegley, Charles Tomlinson, Lawrence Camfield, Paul Tripp, Raymond King, Harry Lump, Robert Harden, Jack Alan Phegley, Jack Adrian Phegley, Rueben Wade, David Robert White, Warren Johnson, David Gipson, Kent Clark, Ralph Warner, James Goleman, Wilma Goleman, Robert Benffield, Herb Campbell, Robert Shoaff, John Pierce, Herbert Campbell, John Moon, Wayne West, James Smith, John Barker, James Nardi, Kenneth Barker, Joseph Slachta, Kenneth-Lenore Shuff, Fred Kessel, Chester Potter, John R. Tynan, Charles Mears, John Nees, Earl Logan, William Wright.

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