Nancy Hoene has crafted for most of her life.

“I started crafting when I was in Girl Scouts,” Hoene said.

Hoene has ideas for a few crafts you can make around the house for Christmas. Hoene is second vice president of the Effingham County Home and Community Education (HCE) organization.

HCE brought back its “Christmas in October” crafting event in October 2019 after a 15-year absence. She was looking forward to this year's “Christmas in October,” but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If everything goes OK, we'll be having 'Christmas in October' next year,” Hoene said.

Hoene enjoys crafting and shared her expertise at making Christmas crafts to be displayed around the home or use for gifting. She also enjoys making embroidery, baby quilts, large quilts and crocheting.

“I'm the one who has to be kept busy. I always have to have my fingers doing something, even if I'm sitting watching TV,” Hoene said.

“I'm really partial to snowmen. My basement is decorated with snowmen,” Hoene said.


Needed to make this craft: Old Crystal Light or Lemonade canister with a lid, ribbon and either a child's glove or sock to make a small snowman.

Nancy Hoene makes Christmas crafts

Pictured are finished canister snowmen created by Nancy Hoene.

Measure and cut a ribbon or material long enough to make a bow around the bottom of the canister.

Use a child's glove or sock to create a cap.

Add the cap over the canister lid.

Paint a face in the middle of the canister.

The canister can also be filled for gifting.

For a larger version, substitute the smaller Crystal Light or Lemonade canister with a Pringles can.


Needed to make this craft: Hot glue gun, Christmas cupcake liners in three different sizes, a crafting stick and some string.

Nancy Hoene makes Christmas crafts

A front view of a Christmas tree made from cupcake liners. 

Fold each cupcake liner in half. Apply some glue to the inside and lay flat.

Use a glue gun to glue the cupcake liners to a crafting stick keeping them center and in graduating order by size.

Cut out a foam star and glue to the top.

Glue a string on the top back of the crafting stick to use as an ornament.


Needed to make this craft: Black construction paper, patterned crafting paper, plain white sack, black marker and orange marker/orange construction paper.

Use black construction paper to cut out a hat and glue to the top of the sack.

Nancy Hoene makes Christmas crafts

Pictured is an example of a finished snowman made from a white paper sack.

Cut out eyes from black construction paper and glue to the sack or use black markers to draw the eyes and mouth.

Create a carrot nose with orange marker or orange construction paper cut and glue to the sack.

Then accent the original hat with scrapbooking craft paper cutting a piece to match the outline of the hat then glue the piece on top of the original hat.

Trim the hat by gluing a piece of Christmas greenery.


A Christmas tree can be created from different sized roll cores.

Starting with a toilet paper cardboard inner core on top and graduating in size to a full-sized paper towel cardboard core.

Paint the roll cores green or color of your choice and let dry.

Nancy Hoene makes Christmas crafts

A Christmas tree created by Nancy Hoene made of different sized roll cores.

Multiple paper towel cores were cut to different sizes and glued together to create a Christmas Tree Effect additional beads, small Christmas trim and a star for the top.

For the tree base, cut out a square piece from roll core and glue felt over it before gluing to the bottom. 

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