Special needs swings at Forest Park

Pictured, left to right, are Mark Shanks (Commissioner of Public Building and Grounds), Yolanda Nation (4-H Program Coordinator, Shelby County), Meliah Hennings (Federation Treasurer), Colton Miller (Park District), Amanda Hall (Federation Secretary), Hallie Horsman (Federation member), Luke Jesgarz (Federation President)

The Shelby County 4-Federation sought a grant and have added swings at Forest Park, specifically for those with special needs to better enjoy the park.

According to Yolanda Nation, Shelby County 4-H Federation members at their March meeting were discussing ideas to submit a Farm Credit Illinois Community Improvement Grant. One of the members has a niece that would benefit from the use of the special needs swings, along with some 4-H families.

"So, they decided to write the grant to purchase 2 special needs swings," Nation said. "Farm Credit Illinois awarded Federation with a $500 community improvement grant that covered the cost of the swings only. Federation talked with Mark Shanks, Commissioner of Public Buildings and Grounds, to partner in covering the cost of the swing set frame. Mark thought it was a great idea so the project was able to move forward. A big thank you goes to the Park District for assembling the swing set and getting it ready to be used."

The swing set was completed in late June and is ready for kids to enjoy.

“The special needs swing set is a great addition to the park and we are glad to partner with Shelby County 4-H Federation” Shanks said.

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