Cause of fire undetermined

The Altamont Fire Department responded to a call at 6:15 p.m. on Aug. 26 to Schultz’s Dairy Bar. According to a statement from Altamont Fire Department Chief John Becker, Office of the Illinois Fire Marshal Office has determined the cause of the fire to be undetermined and no suspicious activity was noted.

State investigators could not determine the cause of an Aug. 26 fire at Schultz’s Dairy Bar in Altamont, but said the blaze was not suspicious.

According to a statement released by Altamont Fire Chief Jon Becker on Wednesday afternoon, the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal said the fire was located in the burner area of the stove located in the south kitchen of the business. Fire damage was limited to the burner area of the stove, along with smoke damage to other areas.

Becker said the stove had been operational, but was not in operation when the fire started. The restaurant had permanently gone out of business just three days before, closing its doors on Aug. 23.

The fire chief said the pilot light could not be ruled out as an ignition source.

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