The art of 'woodturning'

Williams cuts down a tree this March and used the log to make items. Photo submitted

A Shelbyville man has been turning logs into bowls, vases, ink pens, wine stoppers and more for eight years.

He plans to show off his work during an open house from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. Jeremy Williams Woodturning is at 997 N. 2300 East Road in Shelbyville.

Williams said he will show the entire bowl-making process from start to finish, if weather permits. This includes everything from chainsawing a log, to seeing the final product.

"A lathe spins a piece of wood at a high rate of speed, and with the application of hand tools like gouges and chisels, I'm able to remove material until I have the desired shape and size," he said. "Sometimes it's my desire, sometimes it's the desire of the wood."

Woodturning has always been a fascination of his, Williams said.

"It's different from other kinds of woodworking. Most of the time you take pieces and assemble them, and you building something like a piece of furniture," he said.

Williams said he got inspiration from Michelangelo after he said the sculpture is already in the big chunk of rock, he just removes everything that is not the sculpture.

"That's kind of the way I think of it when I'm turning," he said about the process of woodturning.

If weather does not allow for Williams to share the entire bowl-making process, he said there will still be demonstrations in the shop on items he is working on.

This will be the third open house Williams has hosted.

On the previous two open houses, he said, "They've both been great. We had refreshments, we had a lot of people."

Williams said it is a good time to chat and ask questions.

"I love what I do," he said. "Also, it brings out my creativity."

Williams said he loves sharing his work and art with people. His site is

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