Students from an ethics class taught by Tara Blaser at Lake Land College are coming to Shelbyville on Saturday to raise money and HOPE against domestic abuse with sandwich sales. October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.

“The students are doing a project for our ethics class on domestic abuse,” Blaser said. “We are talking about it as it relates to many of the ideas that we have studied and will continue to study. For the project, students need to spend 30 hours outside of class to raise awareness of domestic abuse and/or funds for our local shelter, which is HOPE of East Central Illinois.”

As a result of the project, some students asked the Shelbyville Possum Lodge to help with a fundraiser and they agreed. Shelbyville Possum Lodge was recently presented a plaque from Dove, Inc. for their charity work cooking and raising funds. They were honored at the Shelby County Dove’s annual Candlelighting Ceremony for victims of domestic abuse.

Shelbyville Possum Lodge will hold a fundraiser for HOPE of East Central Illinois in connection with the Lake Land ethics class. They will sell meat sandwiches on Saturday, October 26, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (or until they sell out) at Twice the Ice, just north of CVS on North Cedar Street (Rt 128).

“My students will be there working from about 7 a.m. until it ends,” Blaser said. “They will help set up the tent and make sandwiches and fill orders from the people who come to the fundraiser. I will be there on Saturday helping out, too, as will the person who came to talk to our class from HOPE, Angie Hunt.”

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