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Jennifer Piper (seated) Shelby County Office of Tourism Intern and Freddie Fry, director of tourism prepare visitors guides to be mailed out as a result of advertisements placed in various publications.

The employees at the Shelby County Office of Tourism are keeping busy this week fulfilling the requests for information on the Lake Shelbyville area.

Director of Tourism Freddie Fry explained that over 2500 visitor guides are being prepared to send out to those who have sought out information on Lake Shelbyville.

“It’s the result of a recent newspaper insert,” Fry explained.

This newspaper insert was a pre-print in Sunday papers, including all three of the major Chicago papers, St. Louis and Indianapolis, just to name a few.

The requests also came from the readers of various magazines, including Midwest Living and O, The Oprah Magazine. Fry explained that pictures from last year’s digital photo contest are used in the ads to make them “pop” to readers. In fact, one advertisement looks like a mini version of the visitor guide’s cover. Information, such as the office’s web address and phone number are also included.

Fry said that some of the requests for information have also come from the Internet and just over the phone.

“We’ve had more web site hits and phone calls, but mostly the fulfillment lists are coming from the actual advertisements,” Fry explained. “Summer is upon us.”

So this week, Fry and her staff have been busy preparing the visitor guides to be sent out. The guides are sent with a “thank you” and ways to obtain additional information. The envelopes also have to be labeled, metered and sealed in order to be sent out, all duties that the office employees must fulfill.

“We started Tuesday, but because of the sheer volume, we had to wait for extra envelopes to arrive,” Fry laughed.

It’s not a bad problem to have, though.

“It’s good for everyone,” Fry said.

Kathy Niksic is one of the people singing the praises of this demand for information. She is one of the organizers for the Muskets and Drums Muster and Craft Event, which will be held June 10 and 11.

“With running the calendar of events, all of the people who have sought information will be potential people who will know about the event,” Niksic explained.

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