Despite the blowing winds and biting cold, many people braved the chill Saturday night to walk the General Dacey Trail for the ninth annual Candlelight Walk.

Although some candles were not lit from the gusts of wind, luminaries lined the trail. Some circular glow sticks were placed around the luminaries to give a pop of color.

The expected snow did not make its way to the Shelbyville area, so luckily that was not a factor to deter the crowd, Mayor Jeff Johnson said. Some of the lights did blow away, but the trail still looks pretty, he said.

Down one path, a roaring bonfire illuminated the wood, and a giant luminary was nearby for attendees to autograph. Down another path, people hiked toward Lake Shelbyville to catch a sight of the luminaries floating on the water as stars mirrored off the lake.

Karen Riley and Rusty Riley, both of Shelbyville, have lived in Shelbyville "forever," and this was the first year the couple decided to venture out to the candlelight walk. They were prepared, clad in multiple layers ready to brave the arctic bite.

A couple from Arcola, Shirley Taylor and Gunner Taylor, came to Shelbyville for this winter wonderland, as they have each year prior.

The Taylors brought their granddaughters, Christina Smith and Feifer Smith, both of Bloomington, "specifically for this" Candlelight Walk.

Those who attended hiked to build body heat, wore glow necklaces provided by volunteers and made the most of their time at the glowing trail.

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