TAYLORVILLE – Trees Forever, Taylorville Tree Recovery Team and volunteers will be planting approximately 100 trees to replace tree loss from the December 2018 tornado.

On Nov. 2 at 9 a.m., volunteers will meet at the U of I Extension office at 1120 N. Webster St. in Taylorville for a tree planting and mulching demonstration before heading out in teams to plant and mulch trees for 47 residents.

“Bring your shovels and dress for the weather!” Taylorville Tree Recovery Team Member and retired Trees Forever Field Coordinator Barb Grabner-Kerns said. “This is a community effort to replant our community forest, and we need folks to come out and lend a hand.”

Earlier this year, Trees Forever and the Taylorville Tree Recovery Team (TTRT) did a tree inventory to determine which species of trees needed to be replanted.

“A diversity of tree species is important to help create a healthy community forest,” Trees Forever’s Program Manager Debbie Fluegel said. “When we have a monoculture of one species, our trees can easily be wiped out by one pest or disease.”

This planting is made possible by: Trees Forever, TTRT, University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners, Springfield Civic Garden Club, Christian County Farmer’s Supply Company, and private individuals. The replanting is a joint effort of volunteers from the City of Taylorville Tree Board, Trees Forever and the University of Illinois Master Gardeners.

To volunteer, please go to treesforever.org/taylorville or contact Barb Grabner-Kerns at 217-561-1062 or via email at Barb4trees@ctifiber.com

Taylorville is participating in Trees Forever’s Recover, Replant, Restore! program, which helps communities recovering from natural disasters restore their community forest. Through this Trees Forever partnership with the U.S. Forestry Service and the local efforts with the City of Taylorville Tree Board, Taylorville Tree Recovery Team and the University of Illinois Extension, free tree care workshops are being provided to residents to help them monitor their trees.

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