The Shelbyville water department will purchase a 2019 Chevrolet Extended Cab four-wheel drive for $26,950 with a city discount.

In November, the Shelbyville City Council approved the sale of a 2001 Dodge Ram by the water department, as proposed by Commissioner Debe Wright.

"It's not a very reliable truck, so we're looking at replacing it because we don't want the guys getting stuck out somewhere trying to read meters so we'd like to sell it," Wright said.

In relation to selling the old truck, the council said the water department could purchase a used vehicle for up to $30,000.

At the city council meeting Dec. 20, the purchase of a 2018 or 2019 pickup truck for the water department was approved.

Wright said the two pickup trucks the department currently has are a 1998 and a 2001, both with excessive miles and in need of constant repair.

"Our employees need something dependable as they service not only the in town water system but our rural water customers as well," she said. "With inclement weather and conditions such as mud or snow to deal with when getting to the water wells themselves, they need something that they can rely on."

The council has approved a bid from Leach Wilson, so they are in the process of getting paperwork finalized.

Debe said the water department will most likely seek council approval to sell one of the old trucks as surplus equipment and see if they receive any offers.

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