The Windsor City Council met for the bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 3 instead of the usual Monday because of the holidays.

City Clerk Linda Voris said the council approved the minutes and bills and then went into a lengthy discussion on water and sewer rates.

That council had commissioned the Illinois Rural Water Association to do a rate study for them. Those rates have not been raised since 1981.

Gary Blumestock of the Illinois Rural Water Association had made a report to the council back in August. Blumestock had suggested at that time that the council go with a flat rate for water as opposed to a declining scale type of rate.

“The reason that we suggest the flat rate, is that is the most equal and fair way for everybody,” said Blumestock. “Several systems do what is called a declining scale. However, if you go with the declining scale, your fixed income and retired people will pay the brunt of the expenses on your system.”

At that August meeting, Mayor Dennis Hostetter said he did not want people on fixed incomes or retired people to bear most of the water bill.

“I don’t want to see people on fixed incomes bear the cost of this increase,” Hostetter said. “I want to see people like me who have a family and probably use a greater amount of the water in this town bear the costs.”

It was decided at this meeting to try to hold a public hearing on this matter in February. That way the council can get the opinion of the residents of Windsor.

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