The Windsor city council chose to stay with its current health insurance carrier in its meeting Monday evening.

The council noted that its current carrier, Principle Life, will raise its rates about 30%, according to City Clerk Linda Voris.

“The mayor looked into Personal Care and saw that it would be about $1000 less per year than what we are paying now,” Voris said.

She added that life insurance would have to be purchased in addition with Personal Care. Principle Life carries both the health and life insurance for city employees.

“They decided to stay with Principle Life,” Voris said. “Personal Care was not much less than what we are paying already.”

The council reported that surveying in Windsor City Cemetery is complete and there are 138 new gravesites (or 23 lots) available. Surveying was done by Robert Cox Surveying of Findlay.

In other action, the council passed the prevailing wage ordinance and the appropriations ordinance.

They also granted exclusive rights to the Windsor Harvest Picnic Committee for the upcoming event, August 17-19.

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